Teutoburg Forest

Roman Coins
IMPERIUM KONFLIKT MYTHOS Haltern am See Kalkriese Detmold

Programm der Vortragsreihe

14.10.2008 Neither Celtic Nor Germanic – North-West Germany in the Years Immediately before the Birth of Christ
Sebastian Moellers M.A. – Stadt- und Kreisarchäologie
4.11.2008 Of Winners and Losers – The Germanic Booty Offering from
the Thorsberg Moor in Angeln.

Prof. Dr. Claus von Carnap-
Bornheim, Ruth Blankenfeldt M.A. - Archäologisches Landes-
museum Schloß Gottorf, Schleswig
18.11.2008 Ancient Saxons in the Coastal Area and the Influence of Late Antiquity
Dr. Matthias Schön – Museum Burg Bederkesa
2.12.2008 Germanic Settlers – Roman Legionaries. The Settlement of Bentumersiel on the Ems
Dr. Erwin Strahl – Institut für Historische Küstenforschung, Wilhelmshaven
16.12.2008 Roman Money in North-West Germany
Dr. Frank Berger – Historisches Museum Frankfurt
7.1.2009 Results and New Approaches of Interdisciplinary Research Work Done at Kalkriese
Dr. Susanne Wilbers-Rost – Leiterin Archäologie
21.1.2009 The Significance of Research Work Done at Kalkriese for “Battlefield Archaeology”
Dr. Achim Rost – Universität Osnabrück
4.2.2009 The Augustan Base near Hedemünden on the Werra
and Its Newly Discovered
Outer Installations

Dr. Klaus Grote – Landkreis Göttingen, Archäologische Denkmalpflege
25.3.2009 The Province of Germania Inferior. An Aspect of Archaeology and History
Dr. Tilman Bechert – Stadtarchäologie Duisburg
15.4.2009 Roman Foreign Policy in the 1st Century and the Building of the Limes in Germania Inferior
Prof. Dr. Michael Erdrich – Universität Lubin
29.4.2009 The Thirty Year Struggle
for the Elbe and Its Failure
(12 BC-16 AD)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Deininger – Universität Hamburg, Historisches Seminar
13.5.2009 Solidi, a Late Imperial Find Horizon
Hon.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schlüter – Universität Osnabrück
27.5.2009 Between Rhine and Irminsul – Westphalia at the Time of the Saxon Wars
Dr. Christoph Grünewald – Landschaftsverband Westfalen – Lippe (LWL)
10.6.2009 Romans and Germanic Tribes in the Roman Empire
Dr. Christoph Reichmann – Museum Burg Linn, Krefeld


Arminius Bids Farewell to Thusnelda, oil painting, J. Gehrts, 1884, Lippisches