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Varus Battle, oil painting, O.A. Koch, 1909
Lippisches Landesmuseum Detmold

Probably the most imposing testimony to the myth around Arminius, the Germanic tribes and the Varus Battle is not far from the Lippisches Landesmuseum Detmold: the Hermann Monument, inaugurated in 1875.

The exhibition MYTH will span a wide range of subjects, from Roman historiography to modern research and show what effects the Varus Battle had on German and European history. Who were the Germanic tribes and how did they live? And how did the Romans regard their neighbours in Barbaricum to the east of the Rhine? Going out from the writings of the Roman author, Tacitus, selected quotations will be confronted with the results of modern archeological research. Finds from graves and settlements provide varied and surprising insights into the everyday life and the social structure of the Germanic tribes.

Arminius's second great career begins in the middle if the 15th century, with the re-discovery of Roman writings. World-class exhibits from 500 years of the history of German and European art, literature and music document how one of the most important symbolic figures for the Germans evolved out of the Cheruscian prince, who had in the meantime been Germanised as “Hermann”.

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Hermann Monument on the Grotenburg near Detmold